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ABOUT Mélodie Violet

Portrait of Mélodie Violet, interior designer Montreal, founder of Imagine, interior designer Paris, decorator Nice.

Mélodie Violet, French interior designer, created Imagine in 2014.
Mélodie Violet and her team offer projects that stand out for their simplicity, balance and timelessness in Paris, Montreal and the French Riviera.

Her creative universe, characterized by a harmonious balance between modernity and authenticity, is inspired by her travels and an ecological sensitivity. She favors durable materials and soft color palettes, enriched with bold accents that reflect her clients' personalities.

Its style, combining elegant minimalism with warm touches, adapts to trends while respecting architectural integrity. Every detail, from the choice of furniture to the arrangement of decorative elements, is carefully thought out, making Imagine a reference in interior design both in Canada and in France.

Committed to sustainability and energy efficiency, Mélodie Violet and her team integrate ecological solutions into each project, uniting space optimization with attention to detail and ecological awareness.

Our services

INTERIOR DESIGNER designer of moments

Imagine together a place that tells your story. 

We are thrilled about putting our expertise to work on your interior design project, whether for your home or business.

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