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COMPLETE RENOVATION of the apartment & Decoration

Area: 120 m²

Designer: Mélodie Violet

Photographer: Studio Crbn

Evelyn embodies our philosophy: a design where simplicity is enriched with sophisticated details, where refinement is revealed in the continuity and coherence of spaces.

The vision was clear: transform a triplex into a single-family home for a young couple who find happiness in the art of hosting.


The entrance, sober and elegant, establishes the tone of refinement that unfolds throughout the apartment. The design details are thoughtful, providing an experience of constant discovery, where every glance reveals the meticulousness of the design.

The living room plays on the harmony of bright whites and deep blacks, offering an atmosphere that is both contemporary and welcoming. The furniture, with its rounded shapes, invites you to relax in this refined setting.

In the kitchen, the warmth of walnut blends with the gray nuances of stone, with a central island that stands out as the heart of the house. Nearby, a bar area with smoked glass doors awaits mixology connoisseurs to start the evenings with panache.

The powder room stands out with a dark green accent wall, introducing a bold color dimension.  This decision reflects our desire to introduce an element of surprise and character into design, especially for spaces that are often overlooked.

In the bathroom, a black vanity stands boldly against porcelain stoneware tiles in tones of gray and white.  These play with light to create a space that is both soothing and luxurious.

"Hello Mélodie, a little word to thank you. With the arrival of the baby we decided to sell our apartment. We are in the process of completing the sale which was a great success thanks to your work.


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