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COMPLETE RENOVATION & EXPANSION of the house & Decoration

Area: 250 m²

Designer: Mélodie Violet

Photographer: Studio Crbn

A delicate balance between history and modernity, Northcliffe House designed to charm and welcome.

Nestled in the heart of the prestigious Notre-Dame-De-Grace district in Montreal, this Victorian-style residence has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis.

While scrupulously preserving the architectural details that make up the undeniable charm of the Victorian era, we have redesigned the layout to meet the needs of a young family.

The interior space is now flooded with light, echoing the dynamic lives of its inhabitants. The furniture

contemporary, carefully selected, combines

harmoniously with the neutral canvas of the house, while providing friendly warmth. The touches of color, soft but lively, add a dynamic dimension to the whole, subtly contrasting with the historical heritage of the building.

"Hello Mélodie, a little word to thank you. With the arrival of the baby we decided to sell our apartment. We are in the process of completing the sale which was a great success thanks to your work.


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