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WHEN OUR CUSTOMERS tell their story

Dive into the heart of the experience offered by Imagine through the stories of our customers.

Each testimonial reflects our commitment to transforming spaces into true works of interior art. From Paris to Montreal, via Nice, discover how our expertise in design and decoration was able to meet the unique aspirations of each project. Be inspired by their stories and imagine what we could achieve together.

Caledonia home office in custom oak, gray velvet armchair, anthracite polished concrete walls, Studio Imagine Montréal design, Mélodie Violet decoration.

“What a pleasure to work with someone as talented as Mélodie Violet. Her passion, her energy, her ability to create beauty, make her an exceptional interior designer.

She accompanied us throughout our entire residential renovation project, even for small details that could seem insignificant. She quickly 

understood our needs, our family reality as well as all the little particularities that make us feel at home. Available, dedicated to the success of the project, attentive to the client's needs.

Mélodie is an exceptional designer."


Isabelle, Maison Caledonia

"Mélodie accompanied us in the renovation of our chalet and the challenge was huge. She succeeded brilliantly ! 

She took charge of our project as if it were her own, while respecting our choices and our ideas. This is the feeling we had, from start to finish. Her professional, organized work approach is very reassuring. 

She is a person who is passionate about her work. She really has an eye, a sense of aesthetics. We can trust her, the result is magnificent.

Many thanks Mélodie!” 

Danielle, Chalet Ogden

Ogden chalet bathroom, white tiles, maple paneling wall, black tiled shower, wooden vanity unit, custom organic mirror, Studio Imagine Montréal design, Mélodie Violet decoration.

“Thank you for everything Mélodie.

It's simply magnificent." 

David, Maison Antonine

"I have had the chance to work with Mélodie on several occasions and I am always amazed by her talent. She understands our needs and she has the ability to adapt to them without neglecting the details. I do not regret my choice of chosen for our Prince Arthur Street project.

What she does is always remarkable. Well done!”


Tommy, Prince Arthur House

Bright living room in Atwater apartment, light oak flooring, white curly wool armchair furniture, parquet flooring, large mirror on the floor, Studio Imagine Paris design, Mélodie Violet decoration.

"Hello Mélodie, a little word to thank you.

With the arrival of the baby we decided to sell our apartment. We are in the process of completing the sale which was a great success thanks to your work.

Thanks !"


Jean-Philippe, Atwater Apartment

"We have just completed our project and if there is one thing we do not regret, it is hiring Mélodie. We thought we had a good idea of what we wanted to do with our house but Mélodie did. simply took it to a whole new level.

She is passionate and very talented.

Thank you very much Mélodie, the result exceeded our expectations and our house makes us smile every day."

Loic, Maison Chabot

Modern living room at Chabot with a gray sofa with a rounded back and an abstract painting in bright colors. Clean, minimalist aesthetic. Design by Imagine Design Studio in Montreal, Mélodie Violet decoration.

"Thank you Mélodie, looking back, you were one of the best decisions we made when we decided to embark on this project of expanding and renovating our house. 

Mélodie is a passionate person, always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that the final result will meet her high standards.

She was able to understand our tastes, our priorities and our needs. Mélodie listens to the customer, but she is also able to position herself so as not to let us make choices that we would end up regretting. Thank you again Mélodie, looking forward to working with you on another project!”


Mathieu, Kenaston House

"Mélodie's multiple talents brought a great plus to our project. She knows her job very well and is very efficient. 

Follow her advice and the result will be remarkable.
Thank you Mélodie!”

Patrick, Maison Lachine

"Hello Mélodie, we would like to thank you for your work and your support in our project. With your ideas and your expertise you made our renovation project a success. With delicacy and your permanent smile you took us out of our comfort zone and thoughtful advice led us to complete success. 

The result is simply incredible. 

We recommend Mélodie to anyone looking for an exceptional designer."


Christian, Maison Taillon

“Every day we tell ourselves that we love our house, so thank you!”


Anne, House Gray

Hall d’entrée maison Rio, moderne, murs blancs, sol bois, escalier, lampes blanches, design par Studio design Imagine à Montréal, décoration Mélodie Violet.

“Working with Mélodie was the best decision we made. 

The design of each room fits together and creates a balanced atmosphere throughout the house.

She is available and was so invested in our project even though we knew she had a lot of projects in progress. And even now, she continues to reassure us in our choice of house even though her mandate ended months ago. Very happy to have chosen Mélodie!”


Aya, Rio House

“Thank you very much Mélodie. 

Thank you for keeping your ideas and convincing us to make them a reality. We are very happy with our house, this atmosphere that you have created, and in which we see ourselves raising our little girl." 


Steven, Promenade House

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