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INTERIOR DESIGNER designer of moments

Imagine together a place that tells your story. 

We are thrilled about putting our expertise to work on your interior design project, whether for your home or business.

Ogden chalet living room, pastel colors, wooden wall paneling, elegant accessories, Studio Imagine Magog design, Mélodie Violet decoration.
White arch, book shelf, white walls, wooden floor, design by Imagine Design Studio in Montreal, Mélodie Violet decoration.
Modern kitchen with black granite countertops, black wood cabinets and large windows. Design by Imagine Design Studio in Montreal, Mélodie Violet decoration.


During a decoration consultation, the main objective is to optimize the aesthetics of interior spaces. 

By carefully studying the space and listening to your functional and aesthetic needs, we make tailor-made recommendations regarding colors, materials, furniture and accessories.


This professional approach aims to improve visual coherence while respecting the practical and budgetary constraints of the project.

For decorating consultations, we operate on an hourly rate basis.

The “turnkey” interior design service encompasses the entire process of designing and carrying out a development project.

From the first draft to finalization, the designer ensures consistency functional 

and aesthetics of spaces. Site monitoring is included, ensuring that every detail of the design is faithfully executed.


In the often stressful world of construction, this service aims to provide as much peace of mind as possible, ensuring a seamless transition from vision to reality, with full support from vision to reality.

A la carte services for a personalized experience.


Whether you want to enhance your property with home staging, design a unique custom piece of furniture, enrich your knowledge thanks to our decoration training days, or benefit from a carefully created shopping list to furnish your interior, we meet your specific needs.


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