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COMPLETE RENOVATION of the apartment & Decoration

Area: 35 m²

Designer: Mélodie Violet

Photographer: Julien Pépy

Welcome to the setting of Montmartre, a modern reinterpretation of Parisian charm.

Designed with passion, this top floor apartment captures the essence of a cozy nest with a sophisticated use of space, inviting light to dance across its warm, feminine surfaces.

The Montmartre project represents a complete metamorphosis, where every square centimeter is meticulously thought out for functionality and style. The extension towards the attic reveals an impressive ceiling height, extending the space towards the Paris sky. The interior design, a true homage to sensuality and softness, focuses on subtle and warm tones, evoking refined femininity. Hungarian point flooring adds a touch of vintage elegance, while the powder pink bathroom creates a sanctuary of serenity.


Every detail, from the fabrics to the carefully chosen vintage elements, contributes to the soul of this urban refuge, making the Montmartre apartment a true interior gem.

"Hello Mélodie, a little word to thank you. With the arrival of the baby we decided to sell our apartment. We are in the process of completing the sale which was a great success thanks to your work.


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