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Decoration, the art of enhancing your interior space.

Through an in-depth analysis of space, Imagine understands practical and aesthetic needs to propose advice on colors, materials and furniture.

Ogden chalet living room, pastel colors, wooden wall paneling, elegant accessories, Studio Imagine Magog design, Mélodie Violet decoration.

Whether at home or virtually, each consultation is an immersion in the world of refined and sustainable decoration.

Here is the progress of a meeting : 


1. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT: The customer makes an appointment with Imagine. This consultation can take place at the client's home or virtually, depending on preferences and availability.

2. ASSESSMENT OF CLIENT NEEDS : At the beginning of the session, we will discuss your needs, your preferences, your tastes and the constraints of the project. This may relate to a specific space, such as a living room or bedroom, or to particular decorative elements, such as lighting or textiles.

3. ADVICE AND RECOMMENDATIONS : Based on the information collected, we will offer ideas, tips and recommendations. This may include suggestions on colors, materials, furniture layout, lighting, accessories.

4. ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS : The client has the opportunity to ask specific questions, get clarification, or explore other ideas together.

5. WRITING THE REPORT : After the session, we will write a detailed report of the consultation. This document includes the points discussed, the recommendations made, as well as any other relevant information. It may also include material samples, inspiration images, sketches or plans depending on the optional services desired.

6. SENDING THE REPORT : The report is then sent to the customer by e-mail. The customer can use it as a guide to implement the suggestions or to undertake future decorating projects.


7. FOLLOW-UP : We offer follow-up after the consultation to answer any additional questions or provide clarification on the report.

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