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TURNKEY service

Personalized support from vision to reality.

The “turnkey” service offered by Imagine covers the entire process from design to completion for residential, commercial and corporate projects.

Modern minimalist kitchen with black worktop, stainless steel appliances and large window. Design by Imagine Design Studio in Montreal, Mélodie Violet decoration.

Here is a detailed description of what this typically entails in the context of a major renovation project :

1. INITIAL CONSULTATION : It all starts with a meeting with the client to understand their needs, preferences, budget and expectations. This step makes it possible to define the specifications of the project.


2. PLANNING : Based on the information collected, we start with the general planning of the spaces in 2D plans to give the client a clear vision of the different layout solutions that meet the established specifications.

3. DESIGN & SELECTION OF MATERIALS : Following approval of the general layout plan, we are working on a detailed concept which will be presented in the form of realistic 3D renderings. We will make suggestions for materials, finishes, colors, furniture and equipment. 


4. OBTAINING PERMITS : For certain renovation projects, building permits or other authorizations may be required. We prepare all the documents necessary for the request and we ensure that everything is in order to properly begin the project.


5. PRODUCTION OF CONSTRUCTION PLANS: Once everything is approved by the client, we finalize the production of the construction plans necessary for the general contractor chosen to carry out the work. This includes the following plans:

- Demolition plan

- Construction plan

- Interior design détail plan

- Electricity plan

- Lighting plan

- Finishes plan

- Interior elevations & Construction details

- Custom cabinetry plans


6. SITE VISITS : Site visits for an interior designer consists of holding site meetings, carrying out visits, answering questions from the general contractor, ensuring that every detail is faithfully executed according to the established plan.


7. PROJECT DELIVERY : Once the work is completed, we carry out a final inspection to ensure everything meets the client's expectations. We help install the latest furniture, lighting and other decorative accessories so that everything is absolutely perfect.


8. FOLLOW-UP : We provide follow-up after project delivery to ensure the client is satisfied and to resolve any issues that may arise.

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